no-‘poo friendly deep conditioners (no oils!)

a lot of you guys have gone no-‘poo and experienced dry, brittle hair. and a lot of you are only using the baking soda method, so doing the coconut oil mask is (sadly) out of the question.

well my dear readers, i have scoured the internet world for a way for you to moisturize your hair, be able to stick with the baking soda, be able to stick with the organic/natural route, AND not break the bank! *high five*

natural deep conditioners (no-poo friendly)

here are my personal top choices that will wash out easily for you no-‘poo-ers.
MIX & MATCH the following, based on what you need!

RAW HONEY (my top choice for moisture, softness & shine!)
– moisturizing
– humectant

– remedy for itchy scalp
– moisturizing
– humectant
– adds shine

– softening
– strengthening

– softening
– adds shine

EGG YOLKS (my top choice for strength & shine!)
– reduce breakage
– strengthening

– adds shine
– softening

and here are some POPULAR COMBOS:
*ideally, you want to do these in the shower after you wash your hair, but beforehand is perfectly fine! also, these will drip, so put your hair up in an old plastic grocery bag or shower cap :)

– homemade aloe gel OR a store bought one with NO fragrance, alcohol, or dyes!!
– raw honey
1. blend (yes, in a blender) 1/4 cup aloe gel and 2 tablespoons raw honey until smooth & consistent
2. apply all over hair (root to ends) and leave on for 15-20 minutes
3. rinse with water

EGG YOLK & YOGURT (intensive protein treatment for brittle hair!)
– 1 egg yolk
– 1/2 cup plain, organic yogurt (because you don’t want sugar in your hair lol)
1. mix egg yolk and yogurt in a small bowl until consistent
2. apply to hair and leave on 15-20 minutes
3. rinse with water

AVOCADO, HONEY, & ACV (for dry hair!)
– 1/2 ripe banana
– 1/2 avocado
– 2 tablespoons honey
– 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1. blend all ingredients in a blender. you may need to add water if it’s too thick
2. apply to hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes
3. rinse with water

that about does it for now! i’m sorry i haven’t posted these miracles before now! forgive me, yea? :)


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  1. I haven’t found an explanation as to why coconut oil and the baking soda acv method is incompatible. Could you expand on that?? Most everywhere else doesn’t mention it at all
    Thanks for your time


    1. It’s because coconut oil is really hard to get out without shampoo. I put coconut oil in my hair and tried washing it out with baking soda and ACV, but the next day my hair looked super greasy.


  2. I’ve used raw honey before, and really love it. The problem I have is it molds really quickly when I dilute with water in a small spray bottle. Any advice on how you use it?


      1. I have a pretty tiny spray bottle, so I could mix it up every day, but the honey seems to get stuck in the crevices and grow mold anyway :( Just curious to know how you use it. Thanks for the quick reply!


      2. If you use distilled water, it should help with mold. I always use it when mixing recipes that may mold, if that doesn’t work, try adding more honey (antibacterial) or keeping it in the fridge.
        Hope this helps!!


  3. I started no-poo over 3 weeks ago now, i only used to wash every 3-4 days and i’m not sure if i’m transitioning yet, i do bs/acv once a week but will try to go longer till the next one. my hair feels SO SOFT and much softer than before. roots are still oily! do i need to deep condition yet? or should i wait til the transition is over (if that’s what this oily roots business is?) Thanks!


    1. I would use a boar bristle brush to move the oil down to the ends of your hair. If you want to embrace the natural waves of hair, what I do is brush brush brush. When I feel like I have moved all oil I can I stop. At this point my hair looks stiff and is in general limp. So I wet it with distilled water or from a distilled shower head and let my hair wave. I may scrunch it up with my hands a little bit. I will say layers help for being no poo. And if you ends start to feel dry, then I would do the bbb then add a little coconut oil to the ends. Or I just do a avocado treatment and let sit for an hour and wash out. For the first day its oily because you just cant rinse it all out, but man three days later its like a thick silky sheet.


  4. I’ve been no-poo since January 1st. I use Dr. Bronner’s every 3 days or so (sometimes every other day if I’m tired and forget), with either water rinse or nothing in between washes. I’ve only been doing ACV every other wash (or every 3rd). I’ve just found your blog (YAY!!) and figured out that I need to dilute the castile and ACV more (itchy scalp). My question is this: My scalp gets oily (visibly oily hair, but not too clump), but the ends are dry (and tangly). Should diluting and doing ACV every time I wash help with that? Should I condition also?


  5. Great website! I think I’ve read all of your “no poo” related artices at least three times.
    Anyway, the reason I’m commenting here is because I found a way to use coconut oil on your hair which washes out without shampoo, and I’m very glad it works!
    For me, the bs+acv method doesn’t work (maybe due to hard water). Washing with a shampoo soap bar left a waxy residu, in spite of vinegar rinsing afterwards.
    Someone at work told me about egg yolk washing and how great and easy that is. So I mixed two egg yolks with a big squirt of honey and it worked! So that has been my washing routine for quite some time now. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and use cornstarch+cocoa powder on my roots between washings.
    Lately I’ve been swimming 2-3 times a week, so I searched (Googled) for ways to protect hair during swimming. I tried slathering my hair with (silicone free) conditioner and coconut oil, but since shampoo gave me massive acne breakouts I’m hesitant about using store bought conditioner for fear of new breakouts. Anyway, washing my hair with the conditioner after swimming worked wonders and washed all coconut oil out . But still I wanted a natural way to clean my hair. This week, I went swimming again and used a different conditioner and scoops of coconut oil on my hair. But this time it didn’t wash out! My entire hair was an oily slick. Sunny side: now I know that oil protects hair against chlorine like nothing else!
    At home, I used the first conditioner again, but I didn’t wash thorough enough (too much coconut oil), so my hair was still oily. So I powdered my bangs with my dry shampoo, which worked great, put my hair in a pony tail and decided to do an egg yolk wash the next evening to see if it would wash the rest of the coconut oil out.
    And it did! I’m thrilled!
    Next time I’m heading for the swimming pool, I’ll comb a tinier amount of coconut oil through all of my hair, and when I get home, I’ll do either an egg yolk wash, conditioner wash or just a water rinse and use dry shampoo.
    For those wondering which conditioner worked: I live in the Netherlands and used AndrĂ©lon Natuurlijk Puur conditioner. The conditioner that didn’t work was HEMA Natural conditioner.


  6. Hello!

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading & research (thanks to your blog, mostly!), and I just got back from the store with my starter tools for going no-poo! I do, however, have a question regarding your deep conditioners…. I want to start tonight, but the only natural conditioning ingredients I have right now are eggs. I can’t find how to mix/apply the conditioner without adding olive oil (darn you, Pinterest!). Any info for using the basic conditioners would be VERY much appreciated!



    1. Also…I went ahead & tried just egg last night. I whipped it up, worked it into my hair, let it sit, and then rinsed it out (lol moment: even using barely lukewarm water, I ended up with scrambled egg-hair!!). Hopefully I didn’t miss a step I didn’t know of… :)


    2. hey sierra! you can simply whip up an egg yolk or two, and slather it all over. let it sit for 10ish mins and rinse with Cool water (to avoid scrambled egg hair) lol. hope this helps! good luck!!


  7. First of all, thank you so much for all of your help. This blog is great.

    I just dove into a No-Poo routine about a week ago, and so far so good! My question to you is if you thing the baking soda will be too damaging to do every other day from here on out as long as followed up with ACV and I try to deep condition here and there?

    I just cannot get past wanting to wash my hair frequently.


    1. great question, jessica! i think it depends heavily on your hair type and your dilution ratios. generally speaking, for a long term, every other day washer, i’d try to steer them clear of no-poo for that particular routine. if as time passes you still want to wash your hair often, try low-poo or a clay/honey mix :) hope this helps!


  8. I use 1-2 T Lavender Castile Soap and 2 T Baking Soda in 8 oz of warm water. and I have waist length hair and lather the entire length then repeat just on my scalp. I rinse well and then use 2-3 oz of fresh Lemon Juice diluted in with 4-6 oz of water. This process gives me the best results so far and I only have to wash every 4-5 days,
    When I used Apple Cider Vinegar as a final rinse my hair was tacky and waxy which made it look oily the next day.


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