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i’m obsessed with long hair. if i think about cutting mine, my soul gets a little sad. if see a girl with long, luscious locks, i get Serious hair envy. creepy? sure, i guess… but who can’t resist long, beautiful hair?! here’s my take on getting those long, strong locks you’ve always wanted :) i grew mine from shoulder/collarbone length (what’s the correct term for that length anyway?) to below the middle of my back in about a year and i never want to cut it! haha. i’m a fan of concise lists, rather than long paragraphs, so here goes my do’s and don’t’s: (dont’s…do not’s…)



do not

  • wash your hair every day. this is a biggie! you’re stripping your hair of its moisturizing oils.
  • brush your hair while wet. this is so so so bad for it! it strains it and can lead to breakage. please stop!
  • use a blowdryer. i know it’s a hard habit to break, but you’re killing your hair. stop it right now.
  • use hair dye. permanent, demi, whatever. please stop. you’re doing irreversible damage.
  • use a straightener or curling iron every day. or most days. only use them on occasion, and protect your hair when you do! try using a natural heat protectant.
  • dry your hair with a towel.
  • neglect getting your hair cut. you don’t need to trim it every month or “x” weeks, but you do need to trim when you have split ends. they WILL continue to split and your hair will not be pretty nor will it be long and strong.
  • pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or bun every day. this will cause breakage! and NEVER use rubber bands! eesh!
  • *if you can, drop traditional shampoo, conditioner, and styling products all together. your hair doesn’t need to be coated in chemicals to be pretty!! i’m this way with my hair and i don’t even need conditioner or styling products anymore. you’d be surprised at what your hair can do/looks like when there aren’t chemicals clinging to it! check out all my natural hair posts Here

coco hair


  • let your hair air dry.
  • wash your hair somewhere between every other day to every 4 days. but please still shower. i do it every 4.
  • take biotin (and fish oil) supplements. it’ll strengthen your hair and nails. not to mention help with adding moisture and shine!
  • use coconut oil hair masks at least every other week. i can’t express to you how wonderful these natural masks are for your hair! check it out here. and i’ll just lay a fun fact on you. i’m convinced my hair grows faster with coconut oil. maybe i’m just psyching myself out. but man, my armpit hair sure does (since i’ve switched to homemade deo)!
  • tame fly-aways and nourish your dry ends with argan oil. that stuff is liquid gold! you can use coconut oil, too! just be careful with the amount you use. it takes very, very little to get the job done! check it out here.
  • use a wide-toothed comb instead of a bristle brush. it’ll catch and pull your hair less and lead to way less breakage and damage. here’s the proper way to brush your hair!
  • massage your scalp about 5 minutes a day to promote growth. (ohh, hubby??)
  • abandon store-bought shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products. this is an extreme step, but please at least give it a try. you can check out how i dropped all chemicals here and here. and here’s a natural shampoo that’s great for ALL hair types!
  • drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and exercise. you gotta keep your hair healthy from the inside out! i fully support a plant-based diet!

20130413_115834(biotin & fish oil. look at those horse pills! they’re worth it though!)

ways to “get around” the do NOTs:

  • if your hair is oily and you feel like you have to wash it every day, there is hope! it’s about a week to two week process but you can train your hair to produce less oil. (i talk about it here & here. )i’ve completely dropped store-bought shampoo and conditioner and have switched to using either an all-organic shampoo (that i still heavily dilute), or baking soda/vinegar routine (check out my posts under the “hair” tab). i’ve been doing it this way for over 8 months and i can honestly, cross my heart, tell you that i will never go back to putting chemicals on my hair ever again!
  • if you need to blow dry your hair, only do it half way and protect it with some sort of heat protectant.
  • instead of using a towel to dry your hair, invest in a turbie twist or just lightly squeeze out excess water from root to tip, and let drip dry. you can also put your hair up in a pair of (clean) boxers to lessen the roughage if you can’t get a turbie twist and also don’t want your hair dripping all over you
  • if you need to pull your hair back, try using bobby pins or a big clip that will hold it back, but with less damage potential. maybe even a loose braid will do!
  • if you need to curl your hair, look up heatless ways to do so. i have a couple on this blog, with my favorite here. check out youtube, too!
  • if you need to straighten your hair, you’re either going to have to save it for those few and far between days or just suck it up and do without. lol
  • if you need to dye your hair, try natural alternatives… tea, black walnut hulls.. do your research! your hair will thank you in non-breakage and non-dryness. check out my post on dying with black walnuts.

(it’s dark because it was past 3am, but proof that you don’t need product or heat to have all day curls!)

overall: if you’re growing your hair out longer and stronger after being curled, dyed, straightened, teased, etc., every day or close to it, these techniques will help your hair, but your hair will have to grow out to get rid of the existing damage. there’s just no way around that. i wish there was! the amount of time your hair takes to grow depends on a lot of things, so BE PATIENT! i know it’s hard! my family’s hair grows like crazy, so i got lucky in the genetics department. but it also depends on what you’re putting into your body, how you’re treating your hair, and past damage. remember that your hair’s part of a living thing…YOU. treat it as such :)

myhair(and here’s how long my hair’s gotten so far! i got it cut into choppy layers, too!)

i get asked this a LOT, so here’s the deal: UNREFINED vs REFINED COCONUT OIL:

refined CO has been through bleaching & high heat processes and also can sometimes have lye added to it or be hydrogenated, making it a trans fat. while it might make your hair feel softer, you’re not actually giving your hair anywhere the same benefits you would from unrefined. & you definitely do NOT want to eat that one! unrefined is the purest form with the most health benefits (and the kind that can be eaten!). your hair will thank you :)

hippie stamp Sig

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  1. Have you heard of terminal length? Its the length at which your hair stops growing. My hair is currently around 15″ and it doesn’t seem to be getting any longer. Is terminal length real?


      1. Can it develope with age! I had long hair as a child and as I’ve gotten older it seems it won’t grow :|


  2. Help please anyone
    I just clarified my hair with bentonite clay and it feels sooo dry. Is there any reason why I can’t do a coconut oil hair mask tonight. You say not to do anything for 3 or more days. It seems like the coconut oil would be good for my hair


  3. Your hair looks amazing! One year ago I started dyeing my hair ( I changed a lot of colors, I had terrible experiences with dyes) and now my conscience woke up and I really want to grow out my natural hair


  4. So I would like to know if doing this no-poo thing would for for hair like mine. I have naturally straight hair and it gets oily pretty fast i normally try to shower every other day, (or every 3 days if i can without being bugged about how oily my hair looks), but im not sure is maybe the bs/acv will work for me to grow my hair out, especially when it says the coconut oil will not come out. Im a little confused as to why i wont come out or anything and if this is the right thing for me. Im gonna try the biotin but i wanna know from the expert who wrote all this if it is something i should do with my hair or another routine i could do. My hair need to get stronger too and ever since i cut it, it just doesnt seem to want to grow anymore. I just would like to know what would be a good routine i could do or start off with?


    1. Hey alicia. long story short, true mayo is just eggs and oil, which provide nutrients to your scalp that aide in growth. I think that’s where the myth is stemming from :)


  5. Hey. I was reading this. And it says not to brush hair when wet, so do I just wait for it to dry, and how do I get it to dry straight, or to dry fast since I’m not supposed to use a blow dryer or a towel??


  6. So My hair is past my hips and is prone to major tangles. I already practice some of what you’re suggesting in this post but it’s not helped the tangles in the slightest which makes me resort to buns. Any tips so that I might wear my hair down more often?


    1. My sister also has hair past her hips and her hair gets tangles too she just keeps it in a braid all the time but when she dose where it down she washes her hair then puts argon oil in it it helps with tangles and also makes it shinier and softer


  7. I have long wavy hair, which tends to be dry at the ends and a bit oily at scalp. Try Shielo’s Hydrate or Smoothing Conditioners – they smell good without being over-powering, and give a level of moisture that is neither too light or too heavy for me. Anyone interested in more organic hair products should give these a try.


    1. i would strongly advise to NOT use the shielo’s products. while they include cruelty-free natural ingredients, their hair products are not any better (ingredient-wise) than suave. they still contain PEG’s, glycols, silicones, and parfum! they are NOT organic or natural.


  8. So after a good two months of going no-poo, my hair is looking good. I will wash my hair at night and just let it dry while I’m asleep. That first day is usually the best looking day for my hair though. The second looks ok, but by day 3, I just wanna pull it back into a ponytail cause its just frizzy and shapeless. I kinda miss my straight hair!! Do you have any suggestions on straightening wavy and sometimes frizzy hair, without using heat? Cause seriously, I’m not keen on going back to my blow-dryer and straightener!


      1. I use velcro rollers on my wavy hair to smooth/straighten, just use the giant ones, I do it at night, then sleep on it as the volume from the big ones is more then I want and sleeping on it calms it down.


  9. I’ve only dyed my hair about 4 times in the last 2 years (when i started dying my hair) now i want my hair black. My hair isn’t too dye but i do have split ends. Should I dye it just one more time?


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