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crunchy questions!

good evening my crunchies!

i get asked a LOT of really great questions about all kinds of things… and quite often i don’t have the time to get to them all…

what’s your morning routine? how’s the WO method? how do you eat bentonite clay? what do you use for air fresheners? what do you do for your hair at work? what do you do when you swim in the pool or the ocean? 

so instead of continuously falling behind on getting back to comments, i’m gonna do the ultimate vlogger thing….
aaaand make a questions video!!

post your questions below or tweet them to me!  @_almostexactly

i’ll also add in questions i’ve already gotten via email and comments :)

i can’t wait to do this video for you guys!

is there anything you’ve been wondering about?!


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  1. Hi! I’m pretty sure you’ve done a post on this before, but I can’t find it. Is BareMinerals makeup okay? If not, how bad is it? I’m a high school student and I’ve been wanting to go no ‘poo, create a natural skincare routine, etc, etc. But I don’t want to spend the time or money on tons of ingredients.


  2. Hi, i have gone WO only from the beginning (which took me more as a month to get the amazing result). So it has been always great after the first oily period. It was summer, and then when it got winter, my skin got so dry! i tried various moisturizers but the dandruff just doesnt go away.. its so horrible, i can’t wear black clothes.. So what would be the ultimate moisturizer for WO?


  3. What products do you recommend for a safe and natural sunscreen and a bug repellent? Or is there a DIY version that actually works? Thanks :)


  4. I have naturally curly hair, and not the pretty kind, but the oh-so-annoying kind. I need some help for this summer, PLEASE!! My hair is extremely damaged, and the pool and the beach is absolutely destroying my poor hair :( I come back with my hair in TERRIBLE tangles and I cannot get them out combing them. Do you have any suggestions for a routine or something to help strengthen my hair and help with tangles? FYI, I’m already No-poo and I deep condition with coconut oil. Thank you SO MUCH!!! If you can help me, I would appreciate it so so so much. I really need you, I’m starting to hate my hair.


    1. Hey tiffany! let’s try to get your hair better :) since you have curly hair and like to swim, can you go low-poo (like with shea moisture)? this could be gentler on your hair and easier to detangle. it’ll also help with the gunk from the ocean and help get coconut oil masks out of your hair. also, try a vitamin C rinse on your hair after being in a pool. that’ll help combat the effects from chlorine. you can find some other solutions in my “keeping no-poo hair safe from chlorine and saltwater” post.i really hope this helps!


      1. Thank you so much!! :) what about conditioner, is that not good? That’s the only thing I’ve ever known to get out tangles for my hair. Is the Shea moisture conditioner something I should avoid?


    2. I have very long hair and it gets hopelessly tangled when swimming as well. I’ve found something that helps me is French braiding in two braids before swimming. One braid is better than nothing, but I find the nape of my neck always gets tangled in just one braid. Hope this is helpful!


  5. My hair is wavy, and I was wondering if you have any natural mousse substitutes to keep the curls in. I’m low-poo. Thank you!


    1. Girl, I’ve been trying to find that too. I haven’t found anything yet. If you ever do, let me know!! If I do, I will be sure to let you know. The best thing I’ve found for everyday control, minor control, is Argon oil. It actually doesn’t look greasy like coconut oil does. However, it doesn’t act like moose. Oh how I miss that control lol.


  6. I’ve recently switched to water only washing (which i love) and it has made me super aware of every product that touches my skin that is not natural. So I am wondering how you handle washing your hands in public places? Do you just use the soap provided?


  7. Hey Alex!

    I’ve been using the lemon juice mix for shampoo for a couple weeks now. Previously I used BS and ACV but the BS was too damaging for my hair. Now with the lemon juice ‘poo, my hair still looks greasy at the roots after I wash, and I’m just wondering if this is because I’m using too much or too little of the lemon juice? Also should I continue to use ACV after the lemon juice shampoo? I’m getting pretty discouraged with being no poo. The castille ‘poo made my hair look waxy, the BS made my hair fall out, and the lemon juice doesn’t seem to be helping with the grease. I know you have a post about a natural ‘poo for all hair types but I don’t have any of those ingredients on hand and don’t want to go out and spend all that money on them if that isn’t going to work either!

    Also do you have an opinion on The Honest Company products? Are they safe as they’re made out to be or not so much?

    Thanks so much,



  8. I’m on day 3 of WO washing. I did bs and acv for about 6 weeks but didn’t like how it made my hair feel stringy and straw like. It felt soft in the shower after the bs wash, but rough after the acv wash. So I decided to quit it all. I’m confused about WO washing though. I’m a shower everyday type of gal and use to shampoo/condition my hair daily or else it’d get oily every day. So far I’ve just given my head a scalp massage while I shower for the past 3 days. It’s starting to look a little greasy, but not too shabby. I’ve also been letting it air dry after a shower, but I really don’t like how tangly it feels while it’s drying. Suggestions? Normal? I used a wooden brush, but I’m not sure if it’s boar bristles. They’re not plastic bristles. I also just scrinched and preened for the first time last nigh after I showered when my hair dried, but just discovered your video and didn’t do it right I’m still confused about how often you “wash” you hair and what exactly that means. Is it considered a “wash” when you 1. Just get it wet with water while you shower, 2. Get it wet and do a scalp massage while you shower, 3. Not get it wet at all while you shower for a few days, then a “wash” when you use bs and acv or some other type of mixture or 4. Something different that I’ve completely missed? I’ve also noticed today my scalp has started itching. Any remedy suggestions? Or maybe an answer to my question above will fix this issue? Thank you thank you!!! I feel I can keep trucking along, but definitely need encouragement.


    1. I’ve been low poo for 6 months and I only wash once to twice a month. My hair has definitely been producing a lot less oil than it did even a month ago. When it starts to get oily, before I go to bed, I do this routine. I brush it with a boar brush to distribute the oil, bending over from the waist and brushing it all out. Then I stand up and brush it, trying to brush it all out. Then, I part off sections and sprinkle in corn starch. Once I’ve put it all over my head, I take my hands and rub it through as much as possible, like a scalp massage. Next, I brush it out with a boar bristle brush from scalp to ends again to distribute the corn starch. If the ends still look oily, I put some corn starch near the ends … just a little. When I get up the next morning, it always looks great and I can go another 4 days to a week without adding more corn starch. At first though, I had to add corn starch every other day until my hair adjusted and quit producing as much oil. This is what works for me! Also, when your hair gets greasy, you can mix up an egg and use it as a conditioner, leaving on for 15 – 30 minutes. I rinse with water only and it always takes the oil out and my hair looks fab afterwards!


  9. Okay, I’ve been going no-poo (water only washing ~1x/week) for the past 2 months. Before that, I was using Yes to Carrots shampoo/conditioner 1x per week and no leave in products. The last time I washed, I only used the shampoo and rinsed really well. The past couple of water rinses, I’ve used some aloe vera juice which helped with some scalp dryness/flakiness.

    Here’s my first question: why does my hair feel sticky-ish, esp. the first few inches of hair shaft? I’m annoyed that I can’t touch or move my hair because it doesn’t like to move, except in clumps. It also seems to stick more to my scalp. I put it partially up or in a headband every day to help hide this, but I’d rather leave my hair down more!

    Another question is that I use filtered water, but the day after washing, when I use my BB brush, it is just caked with white crap. The next brushing there’s less, and by the third, the whiteness is barely noticeable or non-existant. What is this and why is it happening?

    And my last question is what can I do to style my hair without heat (my hair is thick and very wavy)? I’ve been using rope braids to dry my hair in and at night, but I feel like the bottom half of my hair is frizz-ball-y way to often. I need help. I don’t want to quit, but I’m just not happy with how my hair is behaving! (On a side note, for the first time in a long time, I was complimented on my hair and how it looks so healthy! This was on a day where my hair was behaving itself frizz-wise.)


  10. Hey Alex! I’m SO excited for your video. Here’s my question if it hasn’t already been asked…
    What did you find your spending was when you did your no-poo and OCM routine? Could you give a ball park estimate? From containers to shipping and the products themselves I was just curious what someone should budget when they’re starting out!
    Thanks! Love your site!


  11. I’m new to your website – I was clicking around it a lot last night and it’s so great! I’m sure you’ve already answered this elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it- why did you switch to the water only hair washing method? I found you because I was looking for a shampoo recipe using clay. I used the bs no-poo method in the past when I lived where I had soft city water and it worked great, but when I moved to a house with (otherwise wonderful) spring water, it doesn’t work any more. It sounds like you were really excited about your clay shampoo recipe, but then you switched to water only so I’m wondering if there was a problem? With my hard water I’d have to get a shower filter to do the water only thing (I don’t think my husband would be supportive of that). Also, I am a mom and I just don’t have time to spend half an hour brushing my hair… but looking for a non-toxic and inexpensive way to wash my often greasy hair. I almost never wash my kids’ hair though… they fight me on it and it usually looks fine so I don’t often force it but once a month if that. I don’t even rinse it. However they both still have what I thought was cradle cap, even thought they are 2 and 4… is that sebum build up?


  12. How long do you scritch and preen in the shower with WO? What does your hair feel like at the beginning and end of that process? Does your hair stay looking freshly washed throughout the whole week?


  13. I was wondering how you would start your babies on natural stuff? I’ve heard that most EO’s are dangerous for newborns. Also, would you use formula for your baby or would you breastfeed? And if you breastfed, would you use an electric breast pump or is there chemicals in the pump thingy? Sorry, I know it’s kind of personal, but I’m due soon, and I really want my baby to be healthy and I don’t want him drinking chemicals :(


    1. hey ariel! I don’t have kids yet so I’m not sure that I’m the best equipped to answer this. when I have kids I don’t see myself using any sort of products and only using microfiber cloths and water to clean their bodies, and only using water to wash their hair. of course kids get dirty (as they should haha) so I think keeping some castile soap around (diluted very heavily) for body dirt would be good. I want to breastfeed but I’m nowhere near that yet :) have you heard of the blog mommypotamus? she’s a fantastic all-natural mommy blogger!! you should check her site out.
      PARENTS- help!! <3 <3


      1. Ariel- even though there are always circumstances that come up unexpectedly as far as feeding your baby goes, I would definitely aim for breast feeding your sweet baby. Not only can formula never replace your bodies own nutrients (which are custom made for your baby), the vitamins etc in formula are synthetically made, not from natural sources. If you cannot nurse for whatever reason, (I’ve had to supplement 2 put of my 3 babies) I would go for local organic goats milk if it’s available. Also make sure it’s raw. My third baby has muscle issues and did SO much better on goats milk than when I had her on formula. But I also nursed all 3 of my kids, and nothing can replace that connection that you two will share. But however it all works out, you will a great mama! As for washing, I do pretty much what Alex suggested. Castile soap about once a week, water only the rest of the time unless they are super dirty.


      2. One more thing about goats milk of you go that route: you will need to supplement baby with folic acid and dha. Both can be found on Amazon or health food stores. Also, goats milk is closer to human milk than cows milk (which is what formula is) is. raw goats milk is full of wonderful fats for your baby, whereas formula is fat free and everything added back to it is synthetic. Goats milk also has less allergens than cows milk. If I had access to it where I live now my kids would still be on it. Hope this helps!


  14. Alex, Please help!
    I’ve been going low poo for a couple months and I’m starting to get discouraged. I was using the Shea moisture shampoo/conditioner but I kept feeling my hair a bit oily and still sebum in my scalp after my shower. I just did your all natural shampoo and still get all this sebum under my nails. Why isn’t the se um washing out of my hair. Not to mention that my hair always has that smelly hair smell, even after washing. I massage my scalp on the daily. I princh/screen every 2 days. Wash my hair every week and half. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate your advise.


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