ph-balanced no-‘poo shampoo

welcome back to NO-‘POO WEEK!! we’re on day 3!
im still moving and actually typing this in the car on my cell :/ sooo. this post will not be very esthetically pleasing. i’ll fix it at some point! You wouldnt believe how long this has taken to type lol.

up today…. a PH-balanced no-‘poo shampoo option! this will be great for those wary of the whole baking soda/vinegar routine. especially those with little ones :)

ph-balanced no-poo shampoo

it’s still homemade (we’ll be tackling commercial products hopefully tomorrow) so you can most certainly switch things up in the recipe. here goes!

- coconut milk (canned or homemade. just make sure there’s no added sugars or anything
– pure, organic aloe vera gel (not the sunburn kind!! Lol) it can be straight the plant, cold pressed juice, etc.
– *essential oil of your choice
– *natural oil, like jojoba, sweet almond, argan, or vitamin e

1. depending on how much you wanna make, mix 3 parts aloe vera gel with 4 parts coconut milk
2. add your essential oils and/or other moisturizing oils if you’d like
3. store in your fridge for up to a week OR freeze into cubes to make it last months!

you’ll only need about a half a cube to wash, so make it accordingly :)

anyone else have a nice ph-balanced no-‘poo shampoo they love??


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  1. hello! I’ve been no-poo since august, and i’m still trying to find my perfect routine. I started with diluted castile/acv, but I was still kind of greasy even after several weeks, so I switched to baking soda/acv, but I don’t know how much i’m liking it and i’m getting concerned about the ph level (starting to get straw-like, despite all ingredients being very diluted).
    before going no-poo, my roots were super super oily all the time (like, if I washed at 8am, I was an oil slick by noon), and while going no-poo has helped a lot, i’m still not where i’d like to be. i want to try this coconut milk method, but i’m concerned about oiliness. are there any oily no-pooers out there who tried this and had good results? any other recommendations for us oily chicks?


    1. I tried this and I have oily hair. This combo of Aloe Vera and Coconut milk is NOT for oily hair. Or at least not for transitioning from Shampoo to no ‘poo. I made a big batch that is kept in my freezer and hope to use it every once in a while when the transition is complete and my scalp has calmed down enough. Right now, I am about 6 weeks in and feeling discouraged, but will stick it out. Folks with oily skin seem to take A LOT longer to get through this process. Not many write about that. But, because I am not doing this alone (my son started about a year ago), I can see that it works. For us, the transition lasts about 6 months. Yikes. That’s commitment! Only 3.5 months to go. ;-)


  2. Hi Alex, I love your blog and thank you for your posts.
    I used this shampoo last night and now my hair is so greasy, do i wash them off until my next wash or should I just wash with baking soda now…
    Thank you


    1. P.S because I made the wrong portion of the shampoo and I only realised after I washed my hair… since I wanna keep more days without washing in between the “washes”, can you please advice me. Thank you.


      1. hey ellis! you can try scrubbing it away with warm water in the shower and using the bs/acv routine to get the extra stuff out of your hair. also, make sure your coconut milk doesn’t have guar gum, any sugars, or any other additives in it. that’ll make your hair “heavy”. i hope this helps!


  3. Hello! I just recently found your blog and I love it! I want to start going all natural and first on my list is switching to natural hair products because my hair is soooo damaged. I just had a few questions.

    •First, I want to use the Ph balanced shampoo recipe, so can I use just diluted ACV to clarify and restore my hair’s natural Ph? And if so, how do I do that?
    •Also, will I need to use the ACV clarifying treatment after I start using this ph balanced shampoo recipe? And if I do, how often will I do it?
    •Next, will this shampoo get out coconut oil? If not, what do I use to get it out?

    Sorry I have so many, I’m just really determined to go all natural! Haha. Thank you for this wonderful blog, by the way. I’ll be showing all my friends! :) -Sydney


    1. hey sydney! clarifying is stripping your hair of silicones and waxes, so the acv won’t work for that. you can clarify by washing with a bentonite clay mask, or put some baking soda into a small palmful of a cheap $1 shampoo (without silicones). if you opt for the baking soda version, then rinse with the diluted acv. then the next time you wash (a few days later), you can use this ph balanced shampoo. you won’t need acv after. and no, it wont get coconut oil out :( you’ll have to get a low-poo for that. it sucks, i know! i really hope this helps! feel free to keep asking questions. i know it can get overwhelming <3


  4. I have just found your blog and LOVE it! I have just switched from store brought shampoos and the recipe I found ( not from you) uses tea, baking soda, Castile soap, xanthum gum. I find my hair is oily at the scalp and dry and brittle at the ends. Should I do a deep conditioner?


  5. Hi Alex, I’m really excited to have found this recipe, but I have a few questions…

    – I have 100% “pure” aloe vera gel, but it has thickeners added. I haven’t been able to find a gel WITHOUT thickeners added – is that all right?

    – what size “cubes” are you using to wash?

    – any essential oil recommendations?

    Thanks! I’ve got long, naturally curly hair and it’s ALWAYS dry so I’m very hopeful! :)


    1. Ella;
      I also have long naturally curly hair and have ‘no poo’ for two years now. I only use baking soda or my favorite ‘no poo’ shampoo (every day shea) once or twice a week. The other days I either keep my hair dry or I will just rinse and condition with every day Shea conditioner. I only use cider vinegar once or twice a month. I found if I used it more than that it would make my hair feel dry and brittle. I also make my own flax seed hair gel to keep the frizz away (I live in the NW).


  6. I have bought Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel, and I use it as a preshampoo nearly everyday, because the BS/AVC is drying to my ends. But I just cant keep up with it, and the bottles of aloe dont last all that long. I want to try this, and i’m having trouble finding the unsweetened coconut milk. But thats besides the point. Could you use Aloe Vera Juice (which i can buy in gallons at my local walmart) instead of gel since you blend/freeze it anyhow? Would that have the same cleaning effect?


    1. I found canned Golden Star brand coconut milk (also at Walmart); the only ingredients are the milk & water – no guar gum, sugars, etc.
      Still looking for the right proportion of ingredients for my poo-less experience, but I’m not giving up!


    2. Use Aroy-D 100% coconut cream. It comes in 33oz “tetra brik” packaging and has nothing added simply just coconut cream. I buy it at my international farmers market by the case for we use it for so many things: Hair conditioner, make kefir/yogurt and use it as a coffee creamer. You can also find it at asian markets or Amazon.


  7. I have read in other places that the guar gum doesn’t make your hair gunky or sticky. But then some people complain it does. I am having a terribly hard time finding coconut milk that has nothing added but water, and I also cannot find any coconut flake that is unsweetened to make my own milk out of. Should I try the one with guar gum and hope its okay? Or what would you recommend?


  8. I’ve been reading a lot of the comments about this recipe (on this website and others) and there are tons of people that say it makes their hair greasy, usually because they use to much. Also, this probably doesn’t lather, right? (I haven’t gone no poo yet so i’m not used to shampoo that doesn’t lather) Anyway, I was wondering that if you make the recipe with 1 1/2 cup coconut milk and 1 3/4 cup aloe and then added 1 cup of water that i steeped soapwort in, would that make it lather a little and would it dilute it so that it doesn’t make your hair as greasy?


  9. Hair soap bars left my hair waxy and so did bs+acv. I blame it on our water, which is on the hard side.
    Now I mix two egg yolks with a big squirt of honey, and I wash my hair with this yellow mixture. Result: perfectly clean hair.
    Downside: your bathroom and towels will smell weird afterwards.


  10. Hi Alex,
    I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and just last night clarified my hair with the benny clay. I plan on trying the natural shampoo recipe that has benny clay, acv and raw honey… however I just ran acrossed this recipe and I’m not sure what would be better? My hair is naturally wavy and is pretty thick. Any suggestions on which would be better… or if I should start with the benny/ACV/Honey combo and work my way to this one? Thanks for your help!


  11. Hey, I just need a slight clarification. I have been trying to make this recipe work for my extremely thick Curly hair. But! It feels heavy, clumpy, and greasy after each time. (I’ve been doing it weekly). Am i supposed to use a ACV rinse or conditioner after??
    Thank you!

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  12. Hi, I’ve been no poo for almost two months. Castile soap and ACV make my hair waxy so I’ve been doing rye flour mixed 50/50 with water into a thinkish paste. Put it on the roots and greasy parts of hair- let it sit 5 to 15 minutes. No need to condition. Perfect ph balance. But you got to rinse like crazy and also let it dry to brush out any remaining flakes of flour. But really, it works like a charm. I do it twice per week and just use BBB to scritch and preen in between. Sometimes to reduce the wash to once per week, I’ll use cinnamon and cornstarch and cocoa powder as dry shampoo in between- the key is to apply it with a make-up brush so that you really it blended in.


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