egg & olive oil hair mask

in my efforts to be more “green” with my hair, my inner hippie and i decided to try the natural hair mask that’s been floating around pinterest- eggs and olive oil.

i have these laying around my apartment already so i was willing to whip up the mixture real quick and try. i’m lucky because matt’s parents raise chickens so i always have farm fresh eggs!!

what you need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil
  • large mixing bowl
  • shower cap/plastic wrap

what to do:

  • combine eggs and olive oil in the bowl and mix thoroughly
  • apply evenly and generously to hair
  • wrap your hair up in the shower cap or plastic wrap and let sit for 15-20 minutes
  • rinse/wash well!

here’s what i’ve found:

i severely underestimated how MESSY this is! i suggest using a larger mixing bowl and dipping your hair right into it, using your fingers to massage the goop in. i also used a hair clip to pin my hair in a messy bun before i wrapped my head in plastic wrap. when i unwrapped my hair, it was a gummy mess. DONT use warm or hot water to rinse/wash your hair unless you want scrambled eggs on your head! the olive oil left my hair feeling like i had an oil slick on the ends of my hair….not cool. also, the mixture was pretty tough to rinse out. also, if i ever do this again, i will have to use 3 eggs and 6 tablespoons of olive oil because my hair is so thick and long. the mixture above didn’t cover all my hair :(

overall, i’m not sure if i’ll ever do this again. it’s way too messy compared to how little it did for my hair.

has anyone else tried this??


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  1. Yes, I did try it as well…. not impressed. I use plain coconut oil (like you!:)) every week to deep condition my hair.
    I got a scrambled egg mess and pieces of eggs in my hair for hours after even though I rinsed like a Mo.

    I’ve also done just pure olive oil…. a banana egg mask…. a plain egg mask…. an avocado mask…. none are as good as plain ol’ coconut oil. The avocado mask was awesome for my hands tho… so SOFT. :)


  2. I’ve done this hair mask twice and loved it. It was messy but you slowly figure ways around that. Now I do a honey,castor oil, egg yolk,splash of milk, and olive oil hair mask and the result are amazing. I do get the oil slick thing but it worth it at the end. My hair is alot shinnier and my hair has been growing faster ever since I started this routine.

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  3. I have tried a olive oil hair mask you use as much olive oil as you need to cover your hair and wrap it in a towel for 30 minutes then wash it out. It made my hair VERY soft and ill deffinetly be doing it again!


  4. i use olive oil alone in my hair about once a week and for me the best way to wash it out is by mixing some baking soda with your shampoo…in a small bowl of course :) it feels pretty awesome afterwards.


  5. I used to do this every two weeks and loved the results, only difference is I was told to use egg yolks, not the whole egg. Any tiny bits of egg white that got in by accident would “scramble” in the shower but once I had done it a few times I got better at seperating :) I would point out that when I did this I was using regular sulphate shampoo so getting it out wasn’t difficult, maybe try baking soda like Liz mentioned.


  6. I am reading all this tips to make hair grow. I need to make my hair stop falling. Every year it gets thinner and less hair. It used to be natural wavy and easy to manage and now is very dry and with no waves at all!! After my pregnancy it changed completly. So, I am trying to find something that help me to have a my beautiful hair back! I always had it long… I don’t know! Maybe it is hormonal, I am 42, and my daughter is 7, so, I am getting frustrated…


  7. I have done this twice. I used just the yolk as well. I believe the whites are what make is scramble. I also put about a cup of water into the mixture that made it easier to get out. My hair was super shiny and soft. I did it to my daughter as well and she loved it!


  8. I do the same thing as Brianna except I use vitamin E oil instead of castor oil. It works great. What you want ot do s whisk this slightly till frothy (like you do with egg whites in recipes) and it is easy to apply to the hair and no drips. Works great!


  9. Haha, I am sitting with egg, honey and lemon juice in my hair as we speak and I do agree with you,ITS SO MESSY!! I have good faith that this will work, even though I have to admit, I am a little frightened after reading your comments 😓 doing a review on it now, even though you already have nice long hair you might want to check it out:

    Haha, take care 😁 x


  10. So you use Filippo Berio? I heard once that Filippo Berio’s olive oil isn’t legit. What are your thoughts on this? I’ve been dying to purchase olive oil, but all of the brands that sold at the stores in my area are apparently fake. :(


  11. yes this mixture is messy but try just eggs. eggs are great for your hair and im willing to go through the mess to do this!. you cannot judge the result from a one time use, eggs are very good for your hair(better than coconut oil) and I use coconut as well and love it too but eggs have loads more protein thats great for hair. also leaving it on for only 10-15 minutes is not going to do a whole lot to your hair. I leave mine in all night or day when I put any ki d of treatment in my hair so my hair actually has time to soak it up and so you can see a better result. your hair will not soak up much of whatever you are putting on your hair if you only leave it on 10-15 mins. rinse with cold water and shampoo a few times with a few minute deep condition after that. if you do this correctly it is very affective and adds more shine softness and body compared to coconut oil


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