crunchy q&a

crunchy questions!

good evening my crunchies!

i get asked a LOT of really great questions about all kinds of things… and quite often i don’t have the time to get to them all…

what’s your morning routine? how’s the WO method? how do you eat bentonite clay? what do you use for air fresheners? what do you do for your hair at work? what do you do when you swim in the pool or the ocean? 

so instead of continuously falling behind on getting back to comments, i’m gonna do the ultimate vlogger thing….
aaaand make a questions video!!

post your questions below or tweet them to me!  @_almostexactly

i’ll also add in questions i’ve already gotten via email and comments :)

i can’t wait to do this video for you guys!

is there anything you’ve been wondering about?!


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  1. Hi! I’m pretty sure you’ve done a post on this before, but I can’t find it. Is BareMinerals makeup okay? If not, how bad is it? I’m a high school student and I’ve been wanting to go no ‘poo, create a natural skincare routine, etc, etc. But I don’t want to spend the time or money on tons of ingredients.


  2. Hi, i have gone WO only from the beginning (which took me more as a month to get the amazing result). So it has been always great after the first oily period. It was summer, and then when it got winter, my skin got so dry! i tried various moisturizers but the dandruff just doesnt go away.. its so horrible, i can’t wear black clothes.. So what would be the ultimate moisturizer for WO?


  3. What products do you recommend for a safe and natural sunscreen and a bug repellent? Or is there a DIY version that actually works? Thanks :)


  4. I have naturally curly hair, and not the pretty kind, but the oh-so-annoying kind. I need some help for this summer, PLEASE!! My hair is extremely damaged, and the pool and the beach is absolutely destroying my poor hair :( I come back with my hair in TERRIBLE tangles and I cannot get them out combing them. Do you have any suggestions for a routine or something to help strengthen my hair and help with tangles? FYI, I’m already No-poo and I deep condition with coconut oil. Thank you SO MUCH!!! If you can help me, I would appreciate it so so so much. I really need you, I’m starting to hate my hair.


    1. Hey tiffany! let’s try to get your hair better :) since you have curly hair and like to swim, can you go low-poo (like with shea moisture)? this could be gentler on your hair and easier to detangle. it’ll also help with the gunk from the ocean and help get coconut oil masks out of your hair. also, try a vitamin C rinse on your hair after being in a pool. that’ll help combat the effects from chlorine. you can find some other solutions in my “keeping no-poo hair safe from chlorine and saltwater” post.i really hope this helps!


      1. Thank you so much!! :) what about conditioner, is that not good? That’s the only thing I’ve ever known to get out tangles for my hair. Is the Shea moisture conditioner something I should avoid?


    2. I have very long hair and it gets hopelessly tangled when swimming as well. I’ve found something that helps me is French braiding in two braids before swimming. One braid is better than nothing, but I find the nape of my neck always gets tangled in just one braid. Hope this is helpful!


  5. My hair is wavy, and I was wondering if you have any natural mousse substitutes to keep the curls in. I’m low-poo. Thank you!


    1. Girl, I’ve been trying to find that too. I haven’t found anything yet. If you ever do, let me know!! If I do, I will be sure to let you know. The best thing I’ve found for everyday control, minor control, is Argon oil. It actually doesn’t look greasy like coconut oil does. However, it doesn’t act like moose. Oh how I miss that control lol.


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