coconut oil hair mask

since i’m no-‘poo, my hair can get dry easily if i don’t remember to put argan oil on after i wash it. also, winter is NOT friendly to hair. at all. here’s a simple and AMAZING way to get super, SUPER shiny and soft hair.

coconut oil hair mask

and the best part? it’s organic/natural and only one ingredient! coconut oil. such a miracle oil! i’m obsessed with it, seriously.




  • 2-5 tablespoons of coconut oil (depending on the thickness, length and dryness of your hair)
  • comb
  • plastic wrap/shower cap/soft t-shirt



 melt a few tablespoons of coconut oil in the microwave (i used 3 tablespoons and microwaved it for 20 second intervals, stirring between. adjust amount of oil according to your hair’s thickness, length and dryness) (**i melt mine in the microwave because i use so much. i realize it melts when you touch it. it’s just easier for me than continuously melting chunks in my hands:) )

2*. let it cool down some if you chose to microwave it!

3. apply that messy oil! …depending on what you’re using this for, you may only want to put it on the ends of your hair or everywhere but your scalp, orrrr ALLLLLL over (i did all over this time. it’s messier, but my hair feels and looks incredible. try it!


4. gently comb/brush your hair to evenly distribute the oil all over your hair


5. wrap your hair up in a shower cap/plastic wrap and leave it in 45-60 minutes OR leave it in overnight. you can put put your hair in a braid or bun then wrap it in a soft t-shirt and sleep in it (i highly suggest this way! it maximizes your results)


6. when time’s up, take your hair down and wash, wash, wash. it took me three washes (but i don’t use store-bought shampoo) to get all the oil out. with regular shampoo, twice should do it.

7.*condition your hair after you wash it if you want, but i’m tellin ya, you won’t need it :)

repeat this mask every one to two weeks

VOILA, happy, healthy hair!! look at the shine! i wish you could feel how soft it is.

coco hair

IMPORTANT>> no-‘poo-ers: the baking soda/ACV routine will NOT take coconut oil out of your hair! please don’t even try. you can use this mask and take it out with a castile soap (i use dr. bronner’s, diluted half and half with distilled water.. followed by an acv rinse) OR grab a low-poo and wash it out. the low-poo will be MUCH gentler on your hair, and wont’t require an ACV rinse after. try to go that route if you can.
also, instead of doing a full-on CO mask, you can do a quick conditioner after you wash with 1/2 teaspoon melted coconut oil mixed in a cup of warm, distilled water. just put that on the ends of your hair after you shower, then rinse :)  you can also try wetting your hair before you apply the mask next time. this will help tremendously in getting it back out!
if you’re sitting with oil in  your hair and no alternatives, and if you’re okay with using a shampoo this ONE time to get it out, use a cheap shampoo (think $1 shampoos) and completely keep it away from your scalp. make sure NONE of the ingredients end in -xane, -zane, -cone, or -conol, as these will coat your hair in silicones and you’ll have to start the no-‘poo process all over again. no one wants to do that again!

ps – there are no-‘poo friendly ways to deep condition! check them out here!

and to everyone else (shampoo users…): if you’re still having trouble getting it out, either wet your hair before you do this mask OR switch to a lighter oil like jojoba or apricot kernel.


i get asked this a LOT, so here’s the deal: UNREFINED vs REFINED COCONUT OIL:

refined CO has been through bleaching & high heat processes and also can sometimes have lye added to it or be hydrogenated, making it a trans fat. while it might make your hair feel softer, you’re not actually giving your hair anywhere the same benefits you would from unrefined. & you definitely do NOT want to eat that one!
unrefined is the purest form with the most health benefits (and the kind that can be eaten!). your hair will thank you!

i think this about covers it all :)

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  1. I use coconut oil on the ends of my hair after every wash (beer soap with ACV rinse).Sometimes I get a little too much and it looks oily. I’ve found that if I can work with it by pulling my hair back that it all absorbs in by the next day and my hair is extra soft. If I absolutely can’t do that, I use a little heat to speed it up. I hate using heat on my hair, but I’ve heard coconut oil works as a heat protectant and it really helps it absorb. Wrapping your hair up in a towel and applying heat to the outside of the towel might work, too, and it would be less direct on your hair. If you’re having trouble getting it all rinsed out, you might give those things a try.


  2. I’ve been no poo for about 4-5 months & I can’t seem to get the CO oil out of my hair with Dr. Bronner’s castile soap because I have hard water, is The Honest Company shampoo safe to use for this one time??



    1. You will find the coconut oil in the health food section of almost every supermarket! Coconut milk wouldnt work for this as it is processed and it doesnt have any of the actual coconut oil in it :/


  3. OK, I need some major help- after a coconut oil mask, I had the WORST HAIR DAY OF MY LIFE.
    but first, let me give you a little back ground info:
    I have been no-poo for only about 2 weeks and have not even come close to exiting the hellish transition period! But I have been very dedicated. I happened to be sick for a good portion of this period, so I was able to go a loooonnngg time without washing my hair. I used the baking soda and vinegar rinse, followed by a little coconut oil after. My hair was absolute crap, but I was willing to wait it out! I had tried no-poo before and failed after 2 washes, but this time, I had motivation and the best blog ever- chalk full of information to get me started (your blog!). So I decided it was time to do a coconut oil mask, because my hair was really dry and rough! I had done coconut oil masks in the past before I was no-poo, and I LOVED the results. My hair always grew faster and it made it soft and shiny. This was my first time ever trying it after being no-poo.
    So I went to bed on the night before going back to school (after being sick) with a mask in and woke up and set to work washing. I washed my hair 3 times with Dr Bronner’s liquid castile soap (watered down to a 1-6 solution). I put a tiny bit of my vinegar rinse on the ends, rinsed, and tried to dry my hair. To my great horror, my hair (although was “dry”) looked wet, because it was stringy and greasy. I missed my first class at school because I had to try to get this stuff out. I washed my hair with the usual baking soda rinse. I washed it with an homemade egg white shampoo. I tried out a honey shampoo which I had been seeing all over Pinterest. No luck. Finally I dragged out my last bit of leftover Wen cleansing conditioner (I had been using this before I went no-poo and I loved it! but that stuff is not cheap…). I used almost half a bottle (that’s a $15 hair washing right there) and went to school with wet hair because I was already so late. At the end of my class, I realized that my hair had “dried” again, but still looked wet and nasty. Only this time it felt waxy, instead of oily. I have a feeling that was from the honey shampoo. (EWW)
    My hair was absolutely NASTY. people were shying away from hugs because it looked like I hadn’t showered in months. It was mortifying.
    So my question is- HOW DO I GET THE DARN STUFF OUT??? Tonight I finally broke down and used plain old shampoo (with a bit of baking soda) to get it out. I have a feeling this means I am starting back at the beginning. I am really desperate and ready to give up. Winter Formal is in a couple weeks, and now I am almost out of time to get out of a transition period before then. What do I do???


    1. I realize it’s too late to be relevant to Winter Formal, but if you’re having trouble going without the shampoo, your local water might be hard. You could try rinsing with distilled water to see if that makes a difference. If it does, it might be worth getting a filter for the shower head ($20-$30) on Amazon.


  4. Do you still do this mask now that you’re only washing with water? I imagine it would be very difficult to get the oil out with water only.


  5. Hello, I love your blog and started going no poo. So far it’s been 2 weeks. I tried to do the coconut oil mask yesterday but when I washed it out using diluted castile soap my hair felt terrible. My hair was starting to feel nice and now it feels rough with lots of flyaways. What did I do wrong? Help please.


  6. This doesn’t have anything to do with the CO mask, which i tried and is awesome, but do you have a recipe for hair removal? Facial hair I mean. I have tried some off other website but they just don’t work for me! helllllpppppp!


  7. When you use the cocoanut mask you can use regular shampoo with some baking soda if you don’t have any low-poos if you’re trying to go no-poo, right?


  8. I used the coconut oil mask last night and left it in for 20 mins and washed it out (or thought I did). When I woke up this morning my hair looked wet and stringy. I tried brushing through it but it immediately gets stringy again. My hair looks absolutely gross.. How in the world do I get this out?!


  9. So I tried the coconut oil mask a couple of weeks ago and left it in for 20 mins. I THOUGHT I had washed it all out but the next morning when I woke up for school my hair looked like it was wet and stringy. It was gross. I had to go to school with my hair in a bun looking like this. I came home and washed most of it out after tons of washes and multiple shampoos. I gave it another try last night and left it in for about 40 mins. Once again I THOUGHT I had washed it out (I shampood it 3 times) but once my hair started to dry I could tell that it was getting stringy and doing the “thing” again. So I took ANOTHER shower ad literally washed my hair with 3 different shampoos at least 4 times. I thought that took care of it but when I woke up this morning my hair looked as if it was wet and stringy again and I clearly didn’t get most of the oil out. I’m going on 3 howlers within 24 hours hahaha PLEASE HELP!


    1. I would try using a different oil. Avocado, Almond oil, grape seed oil, or safflower oil. Is your hair typically oily or dry. Hairs have pores and its possible your hair is has very closed pores or few of them, so try another oil. If that doesn’t work I would just focus on your ends.


  10. I’ve always been a fan of coconut oil for hair. I grew up using it for conditioner. And it really does wonders for the hair. Such a gift from nature indeed!


  11. Awesome Blog! Quite helpful, but I have a question. Ive been no-poo for 5 weeks. Its been rough but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So, I made the decision I could use dr. bonners after a coconut mask. I added grape seed oil, teeny safflower, and almond oil. But way more CO. Well, my main issue is I feel like the dr. bonners dries my hair. My Dr. B’s solution was like 3 tsp and then I added 6 drops to the water mizure before in a bottle the sixe of a typical water bottle. So its diluted more than your mixture. My hair really isn’t dry by itself (I just went pretty short). Why is it so drying, what should I do?

    Thanks for the help! You are like the CO superwoman! haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks stephanie! good to hear you’re seeing the light! :) i’d suggest diluting it even more and making sure you’re following with an acidic rinse, like acv. you can use a tbs of acv in a cup of water and put that all over, then rinse. castile soap itself is pretty drying. maybe you’re just one of the lucky ones that doens’t need so much cleaning power :) hope this helps!


  12. Has anyone tried using egg yolk to get coconut oil out? A couple months ago, I used coconut oil and had to no poo 5 times to get it out. I tried BS/vinegar, aloe, honey and lots and lots of hot water. Well 2 weeks ago I switched over to 1 egg yolk and 1 tb honey for ‘poo, and it takes every oil out of my hair –I slowly worked my way up to CO so I wouldn’t have a disaster. First avocado, then grapeseed, then CO. It all came out easily on the first try even when my hair was completely soaked in oil!
    I highly recommend it!


  13. I found out the hard way that I had put way too much CO in my hair. Even after 3 shampoo’s I was still an oily mess. I found a trick to get it out that actually works! Rather than shampoo the heck out of it use conditioner. This is not a chemical free fix but using this once beats repeatedly scrubbing with shampoo. Put conditioner in your hair when it is dry. Leave it for at least 10 minutes (I put on a shower cap and did a half hour of yoga) then when you get in the shower add a bit of water to your hair and scrub a bit, then add a bit more and scrub a bit, etc until all the conditioner is out and that’s it. Read more about it here
    It seems odd but it does actually work, perhaps it is like the oil cleansing method for your face, oil cleans out oil


  14. I see it’s already been said, but I just wanted to repeat for anyone having trouble getting the oil out of your hair, use conditioner. It took me a long time to figure it out, but conditioner works better than anything else. Usually for me I can just put it in my wet hair and spend about fifteen minutes doing other things like shaving and then rinsing it out REALLY well. But if it’s really stubborn I’ve read that you can put the conditioner on before you wet your hair and let it sit for A LONG time. I’ve tried scrubbing with all sorts of soaps, even dish soap before I found out the magical removal powers of conditioner. Sometimes if that’s not enough an egg will work or clay masks will also draw out the oil. But try conditioner first and then follow up with other methods to get the remainder if it’s necessary. You don’t want to undo all that deep conditioning by over-washing.


  15. Washing with the Conditioner Only method helps getting coconut oil out of your hair. Results may vary, so try at least two silicone free conditioners to see which one works best.

    And for the completely natural way: washing your hair with egg yolks will also get coconut oil out of your hair.


    1. no shampoo…personally think that shampoo can be harmful really if you don’t know how to wash it properly and what kind of shampoo to use….but I support the people out there that are willing to go through with the no-poo method :)


    1. this was “pre-chop” lol. it had been dyed about a year before, but it all just faded to a reddish brown in the end for me. this post was about a year and a half ago, so the dye is gone, but my hair is about that same color :)


  16. Coconut Oil users on other blogs have commented that the way to get the coconut oil out of the hair is to NOT use shampoo, but use a conditioner!! Yes, they say you can soak the hair with warm water to get the coconut oil nice and soft, and then rub in conditioner and put it up in a wrap for 20 minutes. The it will “wash” out with more conditioner after you run warm water over it again.

    Going to try soaking my very dry long curly hair overnight and washing it out with conditioner tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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